Integrated Network Connectivity Services

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Company dedicated and specialized in 5 areas of systems, which are: infrastructure, connectivity, security, energy and services professionals providing these areas with a means of transport to information that translates into a cost optimization, greater profitability and high competitiveness of our clients.

Intelligent buildings

Design, planning and installation of structured cabling systemsfor local area networks for voice, data, video and power,covering aspects of engineering, etc.

Cable structured

Interoperability of voice and data networks,local or remote to be using different operating systems fornetwork, distintc protocols and different networktechnologies into a single heterogeneous network.

Audio evacuation systems

CCTV (closed circuit Television) systems.Project management of high security video surveillance,sensors, cameras for day, night, high approach with high resolution, discrimination of captured objects, etc.

Sound environmental

Systems of In-interruptible includingemergency plants based in diesel engines or gasoline,continuous use or emergency


We have leading brands on the market with which you canaccomplish the following: energy saving, Control and monitoring of air conditioning, heating and ventilation, Control of carbon monoxide.

Professional Services

Consulting, design and engineering of the systems for voice,data, video and power, based on Mexican norms and international standards.