Design, planning and installation of Structured Cabling Systems for local networks for voice, data, video, energy, security and automation applications, covering aspects of Engineering, Design and Installation of this systems according to Internationals Standards.

Alliances and Certifications with the main market manufacturers to meet any project demands and to offer direct manufacturer warranties to our clients, which are only delivered by companies like ours that comply with successful trajectories in the best practices areas of installation, adherence to standards and big dimension project deployment.

The components that are part of a Structured Cabling System are:

Fiber Optics: Multimode y Mono mode, for interior and exterior use, for campus or backbone.
Copper Components such as UTP, STP, FTP, Coaxial, Control and Electrical, all in their different modalities of pair count, diameter, use, jacket, etc.

The certifications of Structured Cabling Systems that we offer are: